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Common Types of Abuse in a Dating Relationship

Here are some “red flag” behaviors that may occur in a dating relationship. Do not tolerate any of these behaviors from a person you are dating. If any of these occur in your dating relationship, get help.

Physical abuse by a dating partner looks like this: pushing, shoving, pinching, scratching, kicking, hitting, abandoning you in a dangerous or isolated place, holding you to prevent you from leaving.

Emotional abuse by a dating partner looks like this: calling you names, insulting, criticizing, threatening, publicly humiliating, controlling behavior, isolating you from others, ignoring your feelings, behaving jealousy, destroying your possessions.

Sexual abuse by a dating partner looks like this: calling you sexually demeaning names, continuing sexual advances after you have said no, unwanted or uncomfortable touching, forced sexual intercourse, negative or critical comments about your body.

Digital abuse by a dating partner looks like this: telling you who you can or can’t be friends with on social media sites; sending you negative, insulting or even threatening messages; using social media sites to keep constant tabs on you; sending you unwanted, explicit pictures and/or demanding you send some; or stealing or insisting on being given your passwords.